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Jose Sound Artist

Field Recording

Always ready for the weather, the dirt and the remote locations filmmakers love so much.

Jose Sound Artist


When we say “dialog editing” we really mean “clean it up, please, OMG! A miracle is needed(!)”.

Jose Sound Artist

Sound Design

Set the mood, amaze the ears, enhance the experience and make it magical.

Jose Sound Artist

Final Mixing

Making dialog, music, effects and ambiences play like a wonderful team.

Jose Sound Artist


Nothing better than recording without lights and cameras getting in the way, right?

Jose Sound Artist

Social Media

Yeah, it has its own standards and challenges. It’s not the future, it’s the present.

Jose Sound Artist


Corporates, documentaries, infomertials, OTFs, BTS, PSAs… you name it.

Jose Sound Artist


Can you imagine life without music? Me neither so not only do I record it I also love creating it.

My Profile

Jose Carlos Gorritti (JC)

Born July 27th 1985 in Lima, Perú

Currently based in the great NYC area in the United States of America

In business since 2007

-> Measurements available upon request

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